How Joining a College Radio Station Can Help Those Suffering with Social Anxiety Break Out of Their Comfort Zone

I briefly mentioned before on this blog that at times, I was very anxious when it came to hosting my own radio show. What I didn’t say is that I have actually struggled with diagnosed social anxiety disorder for most of my life. So naturally, joining a radio station with thousands of listeners who would eventually be hearing my voice seemed quite terrifying. However, I have always had an interest in college radio and I was not about to let my inhibitions hold me back.

The point I hope to get across with this entry is that if you also have SAD or are just a shy person in general, putting yourself out there with things like college radio can actually help you break out of your shell. Here are some ways in which I think college radio can help in communicating with people and being a little more extroverted (not that there’s anything wrong with introverts, though!):

1. Public speaking

As daunting of a task as it is to get up and speak in front of your peers, most of us will either have to take a public speaking course or make a presentation at some point in our academic careers. College radio can help you get a leg up in that department because it already forces you to speak more clearly and eloquently. Personally, I feel like I do way better in any presentation that I have to make now compared to pre-Rowan Radio. I also feel less nervous about them because I’ve gotten better at speaking to an audience, whether they can physically see me or not.

2. Talking on the phone

For some reason, hearing a stranger’s voice on the other end of a telephone is something that scares a huge amount of people. But if you join college radio, this is a challenge you might be faced with. Sometimes listeners will call during your show asking if you take song requests or sometimes you might be the one having to make the phone calls for arranging interviews and ticket giveaways. Either way, college radio helps with phone etiquette. You always have to feel confident in what you are discussing while presenting yourself in a professional manner.

3. Networking

You will meet many great and talented people in college radio who you can also learn a lot from. You can’t let your fears keep you from attending a station get-together or getting to know everyone on a more personal level. The relationships you make here will help you grow, professionally and personally.

4. Meeting new people outside of the station

College radio can be a major help with confidence when meeting new people. Being able to say that you DJ a radio show can also serve as a good conversation starter, as long as you don’t blow your own horn too much. Know the difference between confidence and arrogance.


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