Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan Hash it Out in Final Senate Debate at Rowan University

In non-college radio related news, this past Wednesday, a heated political debate between U.S. Senate candidates Cory Booker (Mayor of Newark) and Steve Lonegan (Mayor of Bogota) took place on Rowan University’s campus. The two are currently battling it out for votes in this week’s big election. NBC10 weeknight anchor Jim Rosenfield served as the debate’s mediator and it was broadcasted live on the network.

The politicians discussed a number of hot-button topics throughout the one hour debate. From the recent government shutdown and Obamacare to whether or not Booker’s public image is “too Hollywood,” no subject was left out of the conversation.

In regards to the aforementioned government shutdown, Booker believes that people who will work together to reach a compromise on the current issues facing this country should be sent to Washington. While Lonegan thinks the impact in Washington D.C. is unfortunate, he still wants to postpone the funding of Obamacare because Democrats “refuse to work with Republicans in Congress.”

During much of the debate, Lonegan made accusations that Booker was only hurting the city of Newark instead of helping it. He accused Booker of putting a huge focus on his public image and not enough on the crime and unemployment rates of the city. Booker refuted his argument by saying that the crime rate has been down 27% since his election and he was able to accomplish this with less resources.

Booker made accusations against Lonegan as well. He constantly referred to Lonegan as a “tea party extremist,” which Lonegan vehemently denied. Lonegan believes that many of the government systems currently in place are deeply flawed, and if elected, would like to introduce a bill that would appeal bodies of regulation.

For social issues such as same-sex marriage, Booker believes in equality under the law while respecting religious institutions and Lonegan believes that it is up to legislature and the people to decide. Another social issue that was discussed at the very end of the broadcast was abortion, which the two are clearly divided on. Booker, a pro-choice advocate, thinks that the matter should be only between the woman and her doctor. Lonegan is pro-life and disapproves of abortions in the cases of rape and incest.

Overall, the debate was highly informative on both candidates. Now, it is up to the people to decide who will represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. The polls are open this Wednesday.


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