College Radio Day!

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Three years ago, Rob Quicke, Associate Professor of Communication and general manager of WP 88.7 FM at William Paterson University, decided to create an event to help support college radio. Thus, College Radio Day was born and since then, it has gained quite a following. This past Tuesday, more than 700 radio stations around the world participated in the forty-hour celebration. Popular musicians such as The Lumineers, Coldplay, and Wyclef Jean also made appearances throughout the broadcast. Needless to say, College Radio Day has been nothing short of a success.

Being a member of a college radio station, I think College Radio Day is a great way to spread awareness of the all the hard work done by these students. I am also very proud to say that Rowan Radio participated this year! Below are some links regarding what others had to say about College Radio Day. Enjoy!

1. “Listeners Everywhere Tune in for College Radio Day”

Samantha Wong, station director at the University of Houston’s Coog Radio, discusses the hardships college radio faces and encourages others to support by celebrating College Radio Day.

2. “Wyclef Jean Hangs Out at College Radio Day”

Hip hop artist and record producer Wyclef Jean talks about the role college radio plays in keeping “grassroots music” alive.

3. “President Barack Obama Praises Student Radio for College Radio Day”

President Barack Obama wishes those involved in college radio the best.

4. “Commentary: Radio days aren’t numbered, on campus or elsewhere”

Michael Saffran, WGSU-FM faculty director at the State University of New York-Geneseo, explains the struggle for college radio to stay relevant in a digital age.

5. “Wayne Bledsoe: Help Keep College Radio and WUTK on the Air”

Wayne Bledsoe, Entertainment Writer for, promotes the fundraising drive for University of Tennessee’s WUTK which took place on College Radio Day.

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