An Introduction

Hi all,

So for my first post, I think I should probably introduce myself and tell you what this blog is all about! My name is Gianna and I am a Radio/TV/Film student at Rowan University. Throughout my three years at Rowan, I’ve been involved with a few clubs and organizations but none quite as much as our campus radio station, Rowan Radio. I started DJing a daytime show in my freshman year, and eventually I worked my way up to the executive staff as Promotions Director. My passion for radio, more specifically college radio, has led me to start this blog.

In the following weeks, I will have posts containing the do’s & don’ts when taking over the mic as a DJ, the process of becoming a member of a station, interviews with those involved in college radio, and many more. My main goal with this blog is to share my experience with others and hopefully encourage students of any major to give college radio a shot! It really is a perfect resume builder and a great place to hone your communication skills.

Feel free to give input on any post or tweet me a topic you would like to see discussed. Hope you all stay tuned into The Music That Matters!